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Our Curriculum

UniWorld International School, a part of KinderWorld Education Group which runs Singapore International School (SIS) and KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK) in Vietnam, has been in the education business for the past 27 years with 15 established schools. The Group opened its first pre-school centre in Singapore in 1986 and continues to take pride in delivering an excellent education to our students.

All the schools, under KinderWorld Education Group, adopt a unique curriculum which draw the best international curriculum from Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

Our school curriculum has been specifically designed to provide a world class international education programme to Malaysian and International Students in Malaysia. This unique curriculum structure together with quality learning experiences provides students with fundamental skills and qualities for success in a technology-driven and globally connected world.

The Singapore curriculum is highly respected around the world for excellence in English, Mathematics and Science while the Australian curriculum is regarded internationally for its capacity to develop thinking skills and creativity. The curriculum provides students with a strong foundation for their tertiary education in International Universities worldwide.

Subject to satisfactory academic performance, students will be awarded with internationally recognised qualifications, including the iPSLE (Singapore International Primary School Examination), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), Cambridge International AS/A Level Certificate and University Foundation Programme – GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) / ACT (American College Test).