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Primary School- iPSLE

Programmes offered are largely based on curriculum from Singapore and Australia and then modified for our student community. The combination of high academic outcomes through the Singapore syllabus in English, Mathematics and Science and soft skills through the Australian curriculum promotes future success in international study. The Curriculum includes

  • English, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science – Singapore Curriculum as a reference
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE), Music, Health & Physical Education (HPE) – Australian Curriculum as a reference

UniWorld International School is the first approved examination centre to conduct the Singapore International Primary School Examination (iPSLE) in Malaysia and the third school within the KinderWorld Education Group of Schools to offer this examination outside of Singapore since 2005.

The iPSLE is the international version of Singapore’s Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), an examination offered to all pupils at the end of Primary Education (typically at the age of 12). The iPSLE was introduced in 2005 with the aim of providing certification and benchmarking for overseas schools which are interested to benchmark against Singapore’s standard and gives an indication of a student’s academic ability when applying for schools in Singapore. It provides a recognised certification of the knowledge and achievement that pupils have attained.

UniWorld International School started the first iPSLE examination in August 2014 where students are to take the iPSLE on completing Primary 6 at the end of their Primary education.

Class Levels

Primary 1 – Aged 7 years old
Primary 2 – Aged 8 years old
Primary 3 – Aged 9 years old
Primary 4 – Aged 10 years old
Primary 5 – Aged 11 years old
Primary 6 – Aged 12 years old

School Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm